Christopher Stephen Fischer, beloved husband (to wife Maria Hilda Rivera), father (to son Mateo Alexander, and daughter, Stella Sabrina), son (to father ‘Hank’ Fischer), and brother (to sister Jennifer Anne), passed unexpectedly from this earth on Friday, April 19, 2019 at the age of 45. He went to join his mother, Janet Marie Fischer (nee Torgerson) and younger brother, Alexander David. So many of us lost a wonderful friend and family member.

Growing up first in Minnetonka, MN and then Bloomington, MN, Chris graduated from Thomas Jefferson Sr. High in 1991, and the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA in 1995.

Chris loved all things outdoors, but most especially hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, camping, and scuba diving. He was never afraid of a risk for fun, thrilling for his friends and grey hair inducing for his parents. But Chris could also be counted on to make sure those of us more cautious types could also experience the adventure, knowing he would keep us safe. For example, he became certified in ice diving so he could rescue the vehicles of people who had overestimated the icy rivers and lakes of Minnesota, but he also loved to dive with those of us who were beginners.

As a kid, Chris drove everyone in the family nuts taking anything mechanical apart. It paid off though since as an adult he never met anything he couldn’t fix from cars to houses. He went on to become a successful housing and roofing contractor, first in Minnesota, then in Florida (where he added public adjustor for housing insurance claims to his resume) and Washington, D.C. In Washington, he met his wife and found his next adventure in marriage, kids, and renovating their house.

Chris never met a subject he couldn’t expound on in minute detail. As a voracious reader (and talker) from a young age, he could be counted on to frequently know more about any given topic than anyone else in the room. He loved arguing about politics and was active with the DFL until he moved to Florida and later Washington, DC. Because of this love and the level to which he sought fairness and justice in this world, it was surprising to many of us that he never became a politician. But it may be that the pain of the injustice he sometimes saw could wear him out.

The most common descriptors of Chris by loved ones are generous, kind, and relentless in his desire for justice. He always had time to lend his extensive construction expertise or any other hand to anyone who needed it and he was always the first to pick up a check or buy a round of drinks. As a contractor and public adjustor he sought the highest quality product for his customers and fought to ensure they received proper treatment by their insurance companies after having already suffered from the stress of storm damage.

Chris was the favorite playmate of his son, Mateo, 7 and daughter, Stella, 3 and could be counted on for plenty of roughhousing while still teaching them how to be gentle with others. Chris’s children demonstrate so many of his best qualities. He was a doting husband who sought to give the world to his wife, Maria Hilda Rivera.

Chris’s big heart and intelligence was not without peril, however, as it increasingly fed anxiety and depression that ultimately overcame him. He is deeply missed.


  1. Michael Lee says:

    You have always been one of the most intelligent and unorganized, but caring and unwavering friends. I am heartbroken and will hold dearly the memories of laughter and mischievousness in our bond of friendship that Soala and I shared with you.
    Such a time we had in that crap little house we rented off campus during Uni – and the gallivanting since…from the Midwest to Central Europe. You and your presence will be missed but not forgotten.

  2. Julie Christensen says:

    Beautiful remembrance of Chris. A very kind soul with a very quick smile. Always made everyone around him feel special and loved. So much love to you and your family!

  3. Sjorn Lundquist says:

    I was close with Chris for a short time during his relationship with Ellie. I’m so sorry for your loss, and just found out that he passed. He was one of a kind, and I’m so sad to hear of his passing. Deepest condolences to your family.

  4. Reinaldo Palmer says:

    Oh my God I am heartbroken. My prayers the family. Chris was a great guy.

    Rest in peace my brother.

  5. Fredi says:

    Shocked and saddened to hear this horrible news. Sending sincere condolences…he replaced our roof years ago and I referred him to all our friends…..sending…prayers

  6. Skip Lindgren says:

    Very saddened by this news. Chris and I did quite a bit of fishing on Bush lake as kids and attended numerous church camps through out high school. At Christikon (Montana mountain camp) the summer after our junior year, we fished tirelessly in a mountain stream but couldn’t catch a fish to save our lives. Giving up on poles and lures, Chris reached into the icy water like a grizzly bear and grabbed a 3 lb. trout out of the stream with his “bear” hands and threw it onto the bank of the stream. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen and I tell the story very often. We all enjoyed fresh, pan fried trout on the mountain trail that night vs. the dehydrated food we ate all week. I will cherish that memory and will continue to tell that story forever. May God take care of our friend Chris and give his family and friends comfort and strength.

  7. Kara O'Connor says:

    Thinking of your whole family and sending you love and prayers.

  8. Anna says:

    Jen – I love you. Thank you for your words, thoughts and memories and sharing it all with us. Chris was such a staple in your life and his family’s, and it is a blessing we get to share in part of it. Thinking of you. ❤

  9. Leah Bitat says:

    Jen, I did not know your brother but I can hear your love for him and his strength of character in your writing, I send you love and strength and the eventual ability to smile at his memory.

  10. Bobby Nanda says:

    I met Chris back in 1980 when I moved to Bloomington from St Paul, I was just starting 3rd grade and he was in 1st. Back then he used to go by Sam, that’s how I’ve always known him. Sam lived 3 doors down from us and I spent more time at his house then my own. We used to do everything together, play down in the woods, hunt frogs, snakes, hike in the woods and chase deer, climb trees, camp in his backyard, play on the cb radio in the van just to name a few things. Sam was definitely into anything mechanical and even at 6 years old he know how things worked. My dad would love to have Sam over to chat with him, he kept going and going and I’d scratch my head and ask myself, “how does he know all this”. Sam was always, kind, gentle, forgiving, intelligent, caring, loving, non-judgmental, sharp and funny. We grew apart when I moved on to jr high and then finally my family shifted to CA. Last time I saw Sam was back in 2006, I was going through a very tough time in my life and Sam was there extending me an open hand and offered me a job to come work with him. I know you can see me now Sam and I know you’re at peace with your mom and brother, please say hi to my dad and our paths with cross again… you brother!

  11. Clare says:

    Jennifer, my thoughts are with you and your family during this season of loss and sadness. This is a lovely description of your brother and I can imagine his spirit and kindness.

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